How to use


How to use

Using the prayer and anointing oils

The Anointing Oils are all made of pure 100% BIO- natural components, and blessed in the name of the Lord. All seven blends can be used for blessing and healing purposes regardless of the differences in ingredients and fragrance.

The blends in 10 ml bottles are meant for applying on a small area of skin; easy to use on forehead, temples, earlobes, hands, soles of the feet and locations of sickness (externally) always with prayer and thanksgiving. The importance of fragrance is not primary when applying the oil on a small area of skin, but it is advisable to test the smell before using the oil.

The liking of the smell is important because a person’s reaction to the smell often shows which components in the oil are most suitable or necessary for the person’s condition. This is why I recommend trying the oils first using the tester bottles. Overall, the plants mentioned in the bible have very valuable and strong effects on the body and mind.

Using the anointing and prayer oils on a larger area of skin

To cover a larger area of the skin one must dilute the 10 ml blend with a 10 ml (1 tbsp.) of cold pressed olive oil or a different fatty oil. When using the oils on face, one can dilute the 10 ml blend with 20 ml jojoba oil for example.

Other Information

NB! The blends should be stored only in dark glass bottles and only used externally (meaning on skin, never swallowed or having contact with the eyes).

NB! For children, people with sensitive skin and pregnant women, I recommend the “Orange” blend no. 6 called ‘Tenderness’. The anointing oil blends 1,3,4,6 also show a correlation between the active ingredients and the name. Ready-made personalized blends available on request!

Blessed anointing with the prayer and anointing oils and be glad!

Please find below the summary of the qualities of the anointing oil mixtures:

  1. The VIOLET blend ‘Clarity’(myrtle, frankincense, hyssop) – tonic, stimulates senses and bodily functions; balances oily skin.
  2. The INDIGO blend ‘Thanks’ (spikenard, frankincense) – deeply balancing for both senses and the body; nourishing, renewing, and restoring the skin, considered especially useful for skin problems.
  3. The BLUE blend ‘Pleasure’ (frankincense, benzoin, sandalwood) – liberating, creates a good mood, restoring; moisturizes, nourishes and stimulates skin.
  4. The GREEN blend ‘Peace’ (nard, benzoin, myrrh) – particularly suitable for the nervous, restless, sleepless; calms breathing, relaxes the muscles; for dry, aging skin, combined skin type and problem skin. 
  5. The YELLOW blend ‘Blessing’ (frankincense, myrrh) – uplifting, strengthening, balancing senses; restores skin cells; particularly good for tired and aging skin.
  6. The ORANGE blend ‘Tenderness’ (rosewood, tangerine) – particularly suitable for children, people with very sensitive skin, and the pregnant; balancing and creates a good mood; gentle on skin.
  7. The RED blend ‘Hope’ (labdanum, myrrh, rose) – strengthening the body and mind, gives strength to move on; gentle aging skin.