Plant properties


Plant properties

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as base oil is rich in fatty acids, A-, B-, C- and E vitamins. In body and hair care it is considered to be moisturizing, refreshing and calming; also recommended for dry, aging skin. Other ingredients in the anointing oils include plant-based essential oils, which are known for their natural scent molecules and other chemical components with medicinal effects.

Myrtus communis – Myrtle (good for respiratory system, immune system, hormonal system, anti-inflammatory, oily skin; effect on senses/emotions – purifying, revitalizing; strength, harmony)

Boswellia carterii – Frankincense (used for asthma, bronchitis, immune system, tonic, aging skin, renews skin cells; effect on sense – stability, reconciliation, inspiration, gladness, anti-depressant)

Hyssopus officinalis – Hyssop (used for bronchitis, sinusitis, respiratory problems, asthma, immune system, correcting the metabolism of fats, eczema; effect on senses – balancing the nervous system, purifying, awakening, stimulates senses; clarity, anti-depressant)

Nardostachys jatamansi – Spikenard (psoriasis, aging skin, migraine; for senses – against sadness, promotes emotional balance, peace, ability to concentrate)

Santalum album – Sandalwood (used for the respiratory system, as a heart tonic, dry and aging skin, pulmonary circulation; for the senses/emotions – considered to be balancing, calming, anti-depressant)

Styrax benzoin – Benzoin (used for respiratory system, lymphatic system, relaxes muscular tension, dry aging skin; for senses – peace, comfort, reconciliation with self, inner clarity, warmth)

Commiphora myrrha – Myrrh (used for respiratory system, hormonal system, digestion, eczema, problem skin; for senses/emotions – understanding, opening, peace of soul, moving forward)

Aniba rosaeodora – Rosewood tree (used for immune system, digestion, sensitive skin; for senses/emotions – gladness, strength, peace)

Citrus reticulata – Mandarin (used for sensitive skin, digestion problems; for senses/emotions – happiness, peace, harmony)

Cistus Ladanifer – Labdanum (good for the respiratory system; for emotions/senses – clarity of thoughts, easing excitement, tonic)

Rosa damascena – Rose (hormonal system, lymphoid system, stimulates liver, also used for stomach problems and as a blood purifier; sensitive and aging skin; for senses/emotions – gladness, well-being, relaxing, a powerful anti-depressant and a nerve tonic)